5 Tips for creating killing YouTube videos

There are many YouTubers that are constantly posting videos on YouTube but there are only a few that gain the success they have dreamt about. The only difference is that the one who becomes legend focus on creating killing and attractive videos rather than only posting content.

Once I was suffering from the same issues as the views on my channel were decreasing. All I did was identify the problems that I videos had. In the end, I came up with the following ways that helped me to create some of the best YouTube videos that are still among the trending. So here is what I did.


The script is the most important part of the video. This is the reason that I ensured that the script of my video is strong and attractive. The reason is that we have to say the introductory paragraph and that is the first impression that the viewer will get about our video. So we have to ensure that it is attractive. So in the image below, I have listed a few questions that you must consider before writing the script.

2-Shorter is Better

In the present age, people are busy so as a video maker I had to ensure that my videos are informative and short at the same time.

  • I kept the introduction and conclusion
  • Tried to make sure that everything in the video is to the point
  • It was my mission to ensure that the video is no longer than 5 minutes

1 to 3 minutes are the maximum amount that the viewer will remain engaged with video.

3-Keep it simple

In order to ensure that the viewers will turn into my subscribers I followed the four golden rules of creating YouTube videos:

  • Within first 20 seconds, I addressed the issues of the viewers
  • From 20 to 25th second I introduced the solution
  • In the next minute, I explained how the solution will work for them
  • I concluded the video with call to action

It was the perfect format for the shortest video that I applied and the results were amazing.

4-Given them benefits

One of the most important things that I learned from the videos is that the viewers are interested in the benefits and not the features. The reason is that most of the viewers will have a solution-oriented mentality and so they would love to know the advantages they will get. So I explained the features as the advantages because it kept my viewers engaged with the video.

5-Professional voice

From my years of experience, I learned that the worst enemy of the video is the poor audio. So I ensured that my voice has the finish and fine delivery that the viewers expect.

So following these tips I changed the look of my channel completely. Now it is one of the top-rated channels on the YouTube and I am amazed at the changes brought by these simple tips.

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