Top 5 Mac App Review that Will Make Your OS Interesting

So I have got a latest Mac and I was looking to make the most of the forceful Mac app environment on the Mac OS? Well, I have got you covered. Literally there are hundreds of thousands of amazing applications that are compatible with the Mac OS in the Apple’s App Store. For this reason, I have compiled some of the best Mac app review here. Since there are a lot of mac apps therefore I have trimmed it down to only consist of the apps that are most likely to be helpful to the normal Mac user. Have a look at the review on the top 5 mac apps that will be very useful for the mac users.

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Evernote Mac App Review:

Evernote is the undoubted king of the note taking applications, and for the good reason. It is simple, structured in an extremely intuitive approach as well as it syncs with about any type of web service anyone could think. Since it is among the popular mac apps in the existence, there is an absolute boatload of the browser add-ons and extensions on hand for it too.

Spotify Mac App Review:

Apple Music is not for everybody. Luckily, the Spotify’s official desktop application for mac OS represents the just right alternative for the ones that are looking to limb outside the Apple’s ecosystem. The Mac app offers everyone the access to complete Spotify directory which is just like the mobile counterpart of the app, letting the users search s well as listen to almost any artist, track or the album without any cost.

Alfred 2 App Review:

I think of Alfred as the spotlight with a dart of Siri. It is the application launcher; however it could do much more than that. Using the Alfred, I was able to quickly perform the calculations, quickly find word definitions and execute web searches, along with several other functions. This mac app fills the gap between the Spotlight search and Siri, by allowing me to automate the tasks and carry out advanced functions as well.

Dropzone 3 App Review:

Once I installed the Dropzone 3 mac app, it truly feels like a fundamental part of my Mac OS. The essentials app functions as the shortcut tool which means that it allowed me to use it to rapidly copy as well as to move the files, share content using well-liked services like Flickr and Facebook, and launch the applications.

Dropbox App Review:

Dropbox made syncing the files across all my devices painlessly and quickly. The mac app for the mac OS just works like the mobile and web counterparts, giving me the access to all the files and the folders while giving me the facility to upload images, videos as well as several documents directly from the desktop. I received 2GB of free storage space when I signed up and that is for everyone who signs up, too, and I earned some space when I invited some of my friends to it using social media channels.

There are several other applications for mac OS but I found these one the most useful for my mac OS. Download them and get organized.

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