Ways to download YouTube videos to your Mac

YouTube is one of the most addictive platforms. It is filled with many useful, funny and interesting videos that will keep you engaged for several hours. Once you are YouTube you will surely find something interesting to watch and pass your time.

However, the real issue arises when you are unable to download the videos on your Mac because it has a completely different platform. It is the time that you should get rid of the fake downloaders because all they bring is virus into your Mac. Here I have authentic ways that will help you to download videos to your Mac.

1-Any Video Converter

Using the video converter software is the best way to download all the videos from YouTube. As well as I have been utilizing the platform to convert the videos and transfer them to other devices. Not only YouTube the converter can download the videos from several different platforms as well. In order to download the videos I utilized the following procedure:

  • I downloaded and installed the program on my MAC
  • Accessed the converter and I clicked on the option of online
  • Then I selected the add button, it opened a window where I had to add the URL of required video
  • After copy and pasting the URL, I pressed OK
  • I clicked the start icon and within seconds the video was on my Mac

2-With a Kiss

It is one of the quickest methods that I have learned to download the videos directly from the internet. All I did was add Kiss before the URL. For example, the URL of the video is www.youtube.com/watch?hdg=DJhjd, after adding kiss it was like www.kissyoutube.com/watch?hdg=DJhjd. Now it took me to a new window where I had the option of downloading the video to my Mac.

3-Use the Browser

It was best methods that I found because there was no requirement of a downloader. However, I had to wait for the video to be completely processed. In order to download the video from safari I followed the given steps:

  • Accessed the video on YouTube and waited for it to play
  • As soon as the video started playing a stopped it
  • Now I had to wait for the gray line to fill up
  • Once the processed I clicked on the option of window on the menu bar
  • I selected the option of activity and found the line that showed my video
  • I double clicked the option and the download begun

Bottom line

I found that all these methods are really helpful. The best thing is that they allowed to get rid of all the downloader and fake apps because they were just a waste of my time and money. Apart from that, more space was free on my Mac that allowed me to download more videos. There might be many other ways available as well as but according to me these are the most authentic and helpful.

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