What is Shareware?

Shareware is nothing but a subtype of  software that is proprietary in nature. It was at starting available at free of cost to interested users, they were permitted and appreciated to create and share multiple copies of this software program. Shareware is most commonly made available in a form of program which can be downloaded from an online website or even in the form of a compact disc that is sometimes inculcated in a book or magazine. It can be availed with almost every software of a computer. It can be differentiated from a software that is an open-source , in which the code of source is provided to any person to check and change and  also in the freeware, that is also a software which is provided at free of cost to the person using it but with a condition which does not have a source code available for them.

There are a lot of different types of sharewares available in the market, and in spite of the fact that they are not made to have an initial or starting setting up payment, most of them are planned to create and provide revenue in some of the ways possible. A limit is used to personalize the non-marketing matters and purposes specifically, during its purchasing there is a requirement of a license so that it can be used in the enterprises of businesses. This shareware software could itself be in functional limits or could be time bound, or it might bring in mind of the user that an enough amount or required amount of payment is always appreciated.

Different types of shareware


Adware is an abbreviation for “advertising-supported software”. It is like any package of software that automatically gives advertisements that help in generating revenues for the author or the user. The functions of this type of shareware could be created and designed to study and analyze the websites which  the user often visits and also help in presenting the advertising the varieties of goods and services that are available and featured there.


Crippleware has important characteristics of the shareware program, which may include printing or the capability of saving the created files and even disabled or posses unwanted characteristics like the watermarks present on various video editing and screen casting softwares. This happens till the person offer to buy this software. This gives permission to the users to have a keen and a close look at the characters of a software program without being enabled to utilize it to create an output. This is a common approach for programs and apps that attempt to use a “foot in the door” marketing approach. This is common with industry specific tools and adult dating apps and sites. Local hookup apps like commonly utilize offering a trial version of their adult hookup app as a lead in hoping users will sign up for premium memberships.


Donationware is a type of shareware which is considered as model of licensing that provide the supplies of completely functional software that is without any restrictions to the interested user and it also requests a donation that is totally optional in nature. The donation can be given to this programmer person himself or even to a beneficiary of the third party who usually does not gain any profit out of it. The money amount to be donated can be negotiated even by the seller or provider.