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    Malware Explained

    If you have been using computer systems, you must be aware of the term malware. It is a kind of malicious software that is also known as badware and is created to harm the computer system and the programs. There is not one but there are many types of malware that can be found in a computer system, like trojan, ransomware, spyware, virus, and other such malware. They are usually written and created by hackers with malicious intent. The term malware has come from the term Malicious Software only. Malware is not at all good for our computer systems. There are different reasons why malware has been created and used, but they are in use from a long time. However, the good part is that we do have processes and software to fight the malware. Let’s know in detail about the malware.

    Different types of Malware

    As we have already mentioned above that there are different types of malware, so you should also know that these different types of malware have different properties also. This means that they do not do the same kind of damage to your computer system, but they infect your computer system in different ways. They tend to expose vice related content such as porn and other adult sites. In fact many fuck sites offer extra safety features and encourage members to spot fakes claiming to be the same free sex site to trick prospective users. The tactics of malicious actors are unlimited. So, let’s know about them, so we can be aware of what the malware can do to our system.

    • Trojans – This is considered to be a very harmful malware, as it may even help other malware to enter your system by creating a problem in the security of your system. You may find this malware in the legitimate software, hidden in them. Or they may pretend as legitimate software but in reality, they are the malware. But as they are good at hiding themselves as long as possible, so you may not be able to know that they are trojans and you may end up installing them in your system.
    • Spyware – You can guess it by the name only that is spyware. So, they are being created for spying purposes and are generally being used for stealing important information from your system. They work in the background of your system, without letting you know. And they may steal your bank account or other passwords when you open those accounts online, they may steal your credit card number or your other important data.
    • Virus – We all know about different types of viruses and we know that their main motive is to infect. That is what they do in your computer system also. They will spread in your computer system and will end up infecting your file by corrupting them or deleting them.
    • Ransomware – Mostly when hackers want to get money from you, they may attack your system with ransomware. This type of malware keeps deleting files from your system or may make your system unable to process anything. Until and unless you will not pay the ransom, they will keep infecting your system.

    How to know that your system has malware?

    Detecting malware is not very difficult, but detecting different kinds of malware can be a bit tricky. As all malware differs from each other, and they cannot be checked easily. On the other hand, there are some kinds of malware that can be detected easily without any problem. Like the adware and ransomware are the kind of malware, which one can check easily. As they end up streaming n number of ads like when you are browsing or you have downloaded any application, you will find endless ads coming your way. Or otherwise, they end up encrypting your files. So, it is easier to know that such types of malware are there in your system or programs or browsers. But then, you do have malware like spyware or trojans, which are not at all easy to find. They can hide for long without letting you know that they are present there in your system. These are some of the very harmful malware for your systems, and it is always said that one should try to keep their system away from these types of malware. There are a few more about whom you will get to know from the symptoms, but the symptoms may start showing late, however, they can be present in your system from a long time. As they may operate secretly for some time and then your system may start showing the problem, like getting shut down suddenly, deletion of files, freezing, replacement of files, etc. These types of malware are known as worms and viruses.

    The best and the only way you can use to detect these types of malware is to keep scanning your system using the Anti-Malware Software. You can install them easily in your PC, Laptop, or Smartphone, and can save them from getting infected from the malware. The anti-malware software has tools for scanning and detecting the malware in your system. They help in blocking these different types of malware which are trying to harm your PC or Laptop. But you also need to ensure that the anti-malware software which you are using or planning to use, fight against all the malware. As there are some of the anti-malware software which only help in detecting some of the malware and not all.