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    Discord: Shareware Communication

    The advent of Multi-Player Video Games has completely changed the way people allot and utilize their time for Recreation. It is no longer a leisurely visit to the Club or Kitty Party for the Gents and Ladies or to the Disco for the Young. Gamers now spend hours in each other’s company, often in Real Time, without any actual physical presence. Plans are created and strategies shared, the enemies’ weak points and the Game targets are discussed, and instructions are sharply exchanged, all online over the Internet, without ever having to share the same breathing space. While this atmosphere and practice is certainly conducive to Life under the Covid19 Pandemic, it did not start there. It came much earlier, from necessity, from the need to work cooperatively and closely to achieve success together in these Multi-Player Games that have taken the Gaming World by storm. The major problem with these types of Games have always been how to talk to each other, and how to organize intending Players long enough to start and keep a Game flowing. Apps have been designed to solve just this problem, and the latest in this line is the Discord. In this Article, a brief look is taken at What is Discord?

    Shareware Communication Application

    The Discord is a Free Platform which blends the ease and approachability of Chat UI (User Experience) like Slack with the high resolution video and clarity of voice chat ability of Skype. Discord not only makes the problem of communication easy during Multi-Player Gaming, it is now extended to end-on socializing, and creating virtual spaces on the Internet where like-minded people can meet and spend hours having Fun (with a capital “F”) together. All this is created with the best protection and cyber security in mind. This allows people to congregate and socialize in peace, without external interference. Discord supports video chat, voice chats and text, giving Users the option of using whichever mode they find convenient. Discord has search functions that help the Players find other people to add to a friends’ list, and is particularly useful for playing PC games. People are now gradually waking up to the inherent usefulness of Discord as a primary tool of Communication. Many people now not only use Discord for playing games, but also as a social and organizational tool. So Users have also embraced this App as a forum-style semi-public community platform. While it is a fact that as yet, most servers are related to gaming, public Discord servers are now springing up all over, to cater to the new demand for pure communication. For example, groups of sports enthusiasts are now hanging out in special Discord spaces that are dedicated to, perhaps, Soccer Football or Tennis. Both public domain and privately held Discord spaces are now available for congregating, on open or specific invitation basis.

    Followers and fans of the latest and sometimes esoteric subjects have created such Discord spaces to meet with each other, such as Crypto-currency, anime, and DIY. Niche dating sites also maintain Discord channels includes Milf hookup apps for those seeking casual encounters with mature women. There is something for everyone. Some of the most used websites to create these Discord spaces are Discord.me, Disboard.org, and Discordservers.com.

    The Main Advantages Of Discord

    There is a large number of competitors to Discord in the market, but the outstanding performance of this App (Discord) sets it apart. It combines the best features of both Skype and Slack, which are already in common use everywhere, with a finely tuned easy-to-use UI (User Interface). There is a constant effort to update Discord and render the UX (User Experience) even more awesome, by the Team behind this App, which is continually making this App more efficient and User-friendly with each passing day. Chatting on Discord without slowing down any other simultaneous activity (such as playing the Game) is the special feature of this App, which makes it stand out from all the rest. Discord is easy to use, and accessible through a large number of means. It has a web-based version and a mobile version. It also has a downloadable PC program which can be run in parallel to playing the game. This means the User can interact with people through the Discord chat servers almost anywhere, through the already vast Discord server network, practically all over the world.

    Discord’s Popularity

    Discord has achieved unbelievable popularity in the shortest of times. It now reportedly has over 250 Million Users worldwide, with over 14 Million people logging in every day. The possibilities of face-to-face social communication in real time are endless, and it is helping the people of this Planet grow closer. The use of Translation modes are only increasing this popularity, and helping friendship penetrate to the interiors of homes far apart. Discord can allow the User to be part of multiple servers at a time, thus making this App an International Hub. This Review thus answers What is Discord?